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 Hardcat offers accuracy and certainty when dealing 
 with your assets.



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End-to-end Asset Management Solutions.

Manage your assets

Monitor & track all aspects of your assets across their entire life cycle from location to condition & more.

Manage your property & evidence

Ensure complete and accurate chain of custody, history, leaving the integrity of your property and evidence in no doubt.

Tag & Track your assets

Use RFID and other cutting edge identification and tracking technology to drive efficiencies and mobilise your workforce.

Proactively maintain your assets

Remove the risk of unscheduled breakdowns with predictive insights and manage faults and service issues with the most efficient  possible.

Procure & Purchase assets

Get complete control over the procurement process of all assets and inventory starting at the purchase order all the way through to final disposal.

Depreciate your assets

See the full and accurate picture of your asset depreciation, with reports tailored to suit the exact statutory compliance requirements of your organisation.

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