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Weapons Management

In organizations where accountability of weapons and related equipment is essential, the weapon management solution lets you to know exactly where all your weapons are, where they have been, and who has been responsible for them at any given time.

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Key Benefits:

  1. Affordable and easy to implement
  2. Comprehensive management of weapon issues and receipts per user as well as maintaining service records.
  3. Multiple management and identification methods: barcode, RFID and DPM.
  4. Authorised user identification via biometrics or RFID ID card.
  5. Significantly reduces delays associated with paperwork at issue and receipt
  6. Detailed reports, dashboards and alerts to improve visibility
  7. Off-site database updates and service management possible via an easy to use mobile application
  8. Complete traceability
  9. Manage spare parts, ammunition and other consumables within the armoury
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