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Surgical Instrument Tracking

In conjunction with our Danish partners Caretag, Taggit offers a unique surgical instrument tracking solution. Utilizing a sterilization tag and software to track surgical instruments, you will be able to reduce costs and improve efficiency while reducing the amount of time clinical staff currently spends on non-clinical activities like searching for missing equipment. Our sterilization tag can be adapted to fit all surgical instruments, which can be tagged and accounted for automatically. With the Caretag robust software and RFID stations, there is no need to manually count instruments before and after operations and each instrument can be tracked through the sterilization process to ensure every item has been properly sanitized. Caretags solution (Patent Pending) for bulk reading is unique and a game changer. An entire tray of surgical instruments can be loaded into our system and every instrument is counted and registered in the Knowledge Hub. The solution includes the following modules which can be used in any combination and according to the hospitals specific workflow:

Surgical Instrument Tracking Surgical tracking lots of surgical tools
  • Rules Station
  • Packing Station
  • Check-In Station
  • Check-Out Station
  • Service Station
  • Admin & Report Station
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