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RFID Healthcare Solutions

Taggit offers innovative Active RFID / RTLS technology for the healthcare industry through its partner Hybrid Systems (Pty) Ltd. The solutions include a comprehensive range of infant protection, staff utilization, medical equipment management and wireless emergency call solutions for healthcare organizations.
All equipment is manufactured and supported by Elpas, a Division of Tyco Security Products.

Our Key RFID Health Care Solutions Include:

Medical Asset Management

  • Enhances asset optimization; prevents asset shrinkage
  • Streamlines workflow; reduces operating costs
  • Improves regulation compliance

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Hospital Staff Protection

  • Protects lone workers and employees at risk
  • Enables staff members to feel safe and secure
  • Supports hard-wired or wireless call-points

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Infant Protection

  • Guards against abductions and mother/baby mismatches
  • Enforces accountable match test discharge procedure
  • Prevents unauthorized movements or transfers of infants
  • Continuous baby supervision

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Wandering Patient Protection

  • Protects against patient wandering or elopement
  • Maintains patients’ freedom and independence
  • Continuous patient supervision
  • Provides peace of mind for families and medical staff

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Hand Hygiene Monitoring

  • Reduces the rate of healthcare acquired infections
  • Monitors adherence to hygiene compliance policies
  • Generates reports per caregiver/examination room
  • Helps identify the source of an infection outbreak

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