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Taggit offers a range of fixed, hand held and desktop RFID readers to meet the requirements of your project and budget.

Asset Management Systems

  • Taggit offers a specially priced 3,000 Asset Hardcat Asset Management Product Bundle for a limited period. Click to download the PDF

Fixed Readers

Hand held Readers

Desktop Readers

Desktop Printer / Writer

RFID Tags and Inlays

Taggit offers a range of LF, HF and UHF tags and inlays suitable for a wide range of applications that will suit your budget.

Specialist Tags

  • Container seal tags (please enquire)
  • NFC Tags (please enquire)
  • Laundry tags (please enquire)

Barcode Readers / Mobile Computers

Taggit offers a range of 1D, 2D and DPM, mobile, Bluetooth and corded barcode mobile computers and desktop scanners to meet the requirements of your project and budget.

We offer the full range of Intermec, Motorola, Datalogic and Seuic mobile barcode computers

Desktop Scanners

Desktop Printers

Barcode Labels

We Offer a full range of paper, plastic, aluminium, stainless steel and Tesa labels

DataDot Technology

Taggit offers DataDot Microdot Technology products as well as an application and registration service for the microdotting of valuable assets. The DataDot product provides excellent identification and traceability capabilities.

  • DataDot 1000 & 3000 Dot paint-on Kits / DataDot 25 000 Dot aerosol Kit

We offer a full range of DataDot Accessories:

  • UV Torch
  • Hand held microscopes
  • USB Microscope with imaging function

GPS Tracking

Utilising the latest in GPS and GSM technology, Taggit offers a small form factor Real Time GPS device for the tracking of vehicles, motorcycles and short term tracking of trailers and containers. Real time location and movement history tracking is available free on a website interface.

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