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Make RFID Work For You

Make RFID work for you.

RFID is an acronym for Radio Frequency Identification. With RFID, you get continuous and effortless item identification and tracking information. RFID is used for tracking assets, equipment, people, or stock providing you with accurate insight into inventory levels, asset locations, and product movement and real-time visibility of assets and products improving decision making, reducing errors, and saving time and money. 

The versatility of RFID makes it perfect for use in manufacturing, healthcare, warehousing, and retail.

When you partner with Taggit, you can expect the very best support and expertise to plan, develop, and deploy your RFID solution. We offer a premium range of RFID desktop, handheld, and fixed readers that are designed to support any application. Our RFID tags and labels are suitable for all applications We also offer custom software development to turn your RFID ideas into reality.

If you need an easy to use off the shelf product, try our comprehensive Taggit Assets, our Taggit Laundry Manager, or our Taggit Event Manager providing immediate RFID benefits at an attractive price.

If you are thinking about RFID, talk to Taggit, and let us make RFID work for you.

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