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Xerafy News Alert

Improvements in Xerafy tag manufacturing capabilities

Xerafy has announced a significant upgrade to their China production facility scheduled for August 2022.

The new factory will improve RFID tag and label production capacity to keep up with the increased demand of these products across the world.

Xerafy has also been working hard to add further flexibility to their processes and setup, which will help in the optimization of lead times and product availability. Xerafy products are known for their durability and consistency, and the new plant will rely on additional automation to ensure that the necessary standards of quality and customer satisfaction are maintained at the highest levels across the board.

The new factory will be operational in August and the following temporary arrangements have been implemented with immediate effect:

  • All orders received after July 15 will have their lead time extended to 15-30 September.
  • All shipping will be suspended beginning August 10 and resumed on September 10.

Please take the above into consideration when planning your tag orders.

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