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RTI TRAK – The Best Choice for RTI Visibility

The Xerafy RTI Trak is designed for the management of Returnable Transport Item inventories, providing read-range performance in a nimble form factor. Its UV-proof polymer casing and IP68 rating make it weather-proof:

⦁ RTI Management
⦁ Production Logistics
⦁ Yard Management
⦁ Long-Distance Shipping


⦁ All-weather durability, with IP68 rated cases and anti-UV material
⦁ Up to 8 meters on metal – Long-distance read-range for performance and accuracy in large spaces
⦁ Versatile RF performance optimized for industrial surfaces – Metal, Plastic, Wood
⦁ Flexible mounting options – Rivets, Screws, Adhesive, Magnet, Zip Tie.

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