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MICRO X-II PAINT SHOP – The Best for Paint Shop Manufacturing

The Xerafy MICRO Paint Shop offers field-proven industrial performance cycling through high temperatures, fluids, and chemicals.

The silicone-free design eliminates the risk of contamination in the shop, and the UHF RAIN RFID tag’s IP68 rating and survival at 250°C ensure its durability.


  • Paint Shop Skids
  • Chemical Pre-Treatments
  • Cataphoresis Coating
  • High-Temp Drying Ovens
  • Powder Coating


  • Optimized for Paint Shop
  • Durability and Reliability – Industry-grade Materials, Hi-Temp, Caustic Chemicals, IP68
  • Versatile mounting – Rivets, Screws, Backplates, Adhesive
  • Long-range – Superior on-metal performance

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